January 3, 2022
9 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022! What’s Stylin’!
Kitchen Design Trends for 2022


9 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022! What’s Stylin’! 

Welcome to a new year of creating culinary masterpieces, experimenting with new recipes, and discovering the latest and greatest in 2022 kitchen trends! A new year brings new opportunities, designs, and an opportunity to restart and reset. Our kitchens have received a lot of love over the past few years, especially with extra time spent in your home space due to social distancing requirements. But, after spending all this extra time in your kitchen, you might be realizing your area could use a facelift! Your kitchen is one of your most-used tools, and an esthetically pleasing and functional design can make all the difference in your peace and enjoyment!

When considering a kitchen design, you want to choose options that will remain in style for years to come! Through implementing several 2022 kitchen trends, you will ensure your kitchen design will be stylin’ for years to come! Trends are pushing away from big-box store one-size-fits-all and towards cozier, colorful, and more personalized spaces designed to fit each of our unique lifestyles.

We have checked countless sources, double-checked with designers, and maybe consulted our time machine to peek into the future to bring you the top 9 kitchen trends of 2022 to keep your kitchen looking magazine ready!


1. Color Comeback

We often see whites, greys, and browns in the kitchen. Well, color is making a comeback! Designers note that personalizing your space with color is a new trend. 2022 predicts a bold, contrasting color palette full of personality, inspiration, and individuality to spice up the kitchen space! Are visions of the bubblegum pink shade from the 80s or the rust orange shag carpet from the 70s running through your head? While permanent bold color can be risky, it seems to be a trend here to stay and not just as a subtle accent color! Not ready for a complete color make-over? Try pairing a bold color such as a deep forest green with a subtle cream to create an attractive contrast while preventing a busy feeling.


2. Speaking of Colors… Warm and Dark Tones

Bold hues aren’t necessarily a revolutionary trend, but the key difference for 2022 is the increase in warm colors versus cooler grey and white tones. Colors such as warm yellows or burnt orange are making their way into kitchen spaces and warming up the home’s hearth! 


3. Go Green! 

Paint brands across the country have deemed shades of green as the must-use color for 2022! The director of Drew Forsyth & Co Green, George Forsyth, has declared green a major kitchen trend in the coming year. The color green evokes feelings of calm, renewal, and rejuvenation, all feelings many of us long to embrace in our homes after these past two years. The beauty of green? It comes in a plethora of shades, from subtle and soft to bold and dramatic, beautifully incorporating the quiet peace of nature into your space. 


4. Let There Be Light!

Kitchens can risk being darker rooms due to cabinets taking up wall space where windows might go. However, natural light adds a beautiful, peaceful, and joyful ambiance to a room. The appeal of natural light is why designer David Thompson predicts “Expansive windows along with the counter space or extra-large skylights over the island or stove” for 2022! Natural light brings in the sense of peace-creating a feeling of warmth instead of a feeling of a sterile laboratory. 


5. Do You Really Need That? Minimalism

Minimalism continues to march across home decorating trends, and the 2022 kitchen is no exception! Always including clean lines, minimal design for 2022 will step it up a notch and incorporate even more simple lines in the kitchen. These lines will be in fine-grained woods, geometric patterns, organic, free-flowing shapes and curves, and angular design on faucets and appliances.

How else is the minimalist trend impacting kitchens? People simplify down to what is truly important by moving unused appliances off the countertops and replacing them with your favorite, often used spices or kitchen utensils. 

Also, in the spirit of minimalism, you will see fewer cabinet knobs. Homeowners are opting for flat front cabinets to enhance the minimalist look further. By removing the cabinet knobs, you can let the simple beauty of a well-made kitchen cabinet shine on its own with no handle to detract from its subtle charm.


6. Slab Backsplashes

Say farewell to traditional tile and hello to slab backsplashes! Kitchens are starting to feature a countertop slab that wraps up the wall, effectively creating a bold, clean, modern statement and removing grout lines. In addition, the slab backsplash is easier to clean and provides a unique individuality reflecting your personality in your kitchen! 


7. Welcome the Natural Materials 

The pandemic has forced us to spend extra time in our homes. As a result, many people opt to create a more natural feeling space by removing the previously popular sterile and artificial items. This push towards nature plays into the minimalist and light trends as more natural stone, cement, and wood create a peaceful, bright, and airy space. They also provide the ideal canvas for those trending color pops.

Avoid artificial materials and opt for subtle, natural stone countertops and cabinets in medium browns with linear grains. Keep your kitchen design ingredients easy to relate, pronounce, and understand. 


8. Maybe Pinterest Doesn’t Know Everything?

Texture and warmth integrate into our kitchen spaces as a heartfelt reflection of our personalities. People are starting to design unique spaces that highlight their own unique style, aesthetics, and environment instead of what’s trending on Pinterest. In the name of personality, designers note people are creating a space that reflects our favorite textures, fabrics, colors, and family heirlooms. While creating a purely personal space can make your kitchen, not for everyone, choose the elements that make you happy if you know this home will be your space for years to come!


9. Kitchens Are Multi-Functional

Kitchens tend to be the home’s heartbeat, and kitchen design is trending towards making the kitchen a multi-functional space. So what does this mean in design action? Maybe incorporate a bar where kids can do homework, or your partner can set up their laptop while you cook? It could also mean providing a space for friends and family members to sit and chat while preparing a meal. Or you potentially incorporate your office space into the cabinetry and countertops or freestanding larder cabinet, which can be easily tucked away at the end of the workday. It could also include incorporating your furry family members into your kitchen space more effectively by sliding the dog’s food and water bowl under an overhanging counter.

Here’s to embracing 2022 and the new, exciting kitchen trends this year brings! As we reflect on the previous year, 2022 kitchen trends also highlight reflection, nostalgia, personalization, customization, and family. Are you interested in creating a more personal, on-trend kitchen space? Check out our beautiful premium selection of cabinets. Do you have several design ideas, visions, goals but are unsure where to start? We offer design consultation to help you achieve the space of your dreams!

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Published: January 3, 2022
Author: Top-Level Cabinetry
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