About Us

Jake Bruni was raised in Colorado by his mom and dad while surrounded by their large Italian family. As typical as it sounds, his Italian family was loud, and all the men and women were enthusiastic about cooking! Their kitchen was the heart of their home and the backdrop to so many beautiful memories. All that love and laughter shaped Jake into believing the kitchen will always be the best part of every house.
As Jake grew older, he found a new passion for woodworking!
It seems only natural that, as Jake grew older, he combined his love of woodworking with creating kitchens, where he spent much of his youth.
Jake has created a career of creating kitchens for families with Top-Level Cabinetry. Jake’s passion for woodworking has shaped him into being very talented in creating exquisite cabinetry. On top of that, he has an excellent eye for design and paying attention to details, which sets him apart from all other kitchen builders and designers. Jake draws on his 15 plus years of experience in creating custom cabinets to meet clients’ needs for taking their kitchen to their dream level. Additionally, with his own cooking experience in the kitchen, he understands the importance of creating a space that will “flow” —how the kitchen should be defined to allow traffic from the stove to the fridge to carrying on conversations with friends and family!
Jake now resides in Cape Coral, Florida, with his beautiful wife, Susi, and their two little boys!


INTEGRITY ~ Trust & Honesty

As a company, we are committed to delivering you everything we’ve promised. You are trusting us to come into your home and we want to be trusted to deliver your dream kitchen. You can count on our honesty throughout the whole process!

PASSION ~ Our Commitment to Excellent

We are dedicated to providing you with a finished product that you are passionate about having people over to show it off. If you are not satisfied with something, we will do our best to correct it. We are passionate about our work so you can be passionate about the finished product!