February 7, 2022
11 Space Creating, Counter Saving Kitchen Hacks
Creating more space in your kitchen

11 Space Creating, Counter-Saving Kitchen Hacks 

If you are functioning in a small kitchen, you might find yourself wondering, how can I create space and save counter space? Often the central heartbeat of the home, the kitchen, is where you make meals and memories, and it is pretty frustrating to attempt to create a Gordon Ramsay masterpiece when your kitchen space feels cluttered. It can be challenging to arrange a small kitchen not to feel messy and disorganized! Do you find yourself sighing in frustration as you attempt to balance a pot in one hand and move your veggie-filled cutting board on top of the microwave because there isn’t enough counter space? 

Well, we aim to reduce your exasperation by providing you with 13 hacks to help you create more counter and storage space in your kitchen!


1. Storage in Unexpected Places 

Do you have several empty shelves in your basement or a nearby closet? Those shelves might benefit from a transformation into a small pantry! Transfer a shelf (or two) of your canned and dried goods to a new designated storage area. We recommend opting for items that aren’t used daily. 


2. An Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

When you have limited counter space, it can be challenging to find room for prepping and chopping your vegetables. So why not utilize an area that often goes unnoticed? You can find several incredible over-the-sink cutting boards that are easy to place and efficient space-savers. Several models even feature a small compartment to rinse and hold your veggies while chopping. 


3. Hello Corners!

The corner space is often left forgotten and unused in most kitchen spaces. Consider transforming this valuable space into much-needed extra storage. If you are attempting to utilize every inch of your tiny kitchen, corner shelving can help provide indispensable, additional shelving space.


4. On the Double – Kitchen Backsplash

A stainless steel pegboard can serve as a backsplash, keeping your walls safe from pasta-sauce splatters and smoothie creation spills while also offering a handy way to store frequently used kitchen tools and gadgets. The best part? They are an easy DIY project, and most home improvement stores carry a stainless steel pegboard. Are you worried it might clash with your kitchen colors or style? Well, not to worry; you can find them in a rainbow variety of colors!


5. A Pot Rack

Have a little room on your walls but no room in your cabinets? A pot rack can free-up space in a much-needed drawer or cupboard and provide an easy way to access your pots and pans while mixing up something delicious in your kitchen! It also makes finding the pot or pan you’re looking for easy! Instead of rummaging through a crowded, cramped drawer, you have full visual access to your cooking repertoire.


6. A Curtain Rod

Yep, you read that right! Do you have a window above your kitchen sink or counter? Placing a curtain rod across the window and purchasing several hooks to hang from it can provide additional vertical storage for kitchen tools and utensils! The curtain rod frees up another drawer enabling you to remove the jar currently holding your utensils off your counter. 


7. Use the Space Around Your Fridge

The space around the fridge often goes unutilized, or if it is being used, it can quickly become the junk drawer of your kitchen space with random items piled on top. Instead, consider purchasing 1-2 small, stylish storage baskets with handles to easily pull forward and down from off the top of your fridge. These bins can serve as ideal storage space for canned or dried goods that aren’t used often. 


8. Bye, Bye Block

While there is something classy about a knife block, and it can be very satisfying to pull out a newly sharpened blade, let’s be honest, knife blocks take up a lot of counter space. So instead, consider opting for a magnetic holder. This solution is easy on the wallet and effective. It clears up counter or drawer space, providing you with easy and quick access to your knives. 


9. Need a Lift Up? 

If you are struggling with counter space, you might benefit from adding some shelf risers. Yes, adding to the clutter on your counter might not initially sound appealing, but several small (emphasis on small) shelf risers can create more storage space while still placing needed items within easy reach! 


10. Stoves Aren’t Just for Cooking

You can effectively turn your stovetops into an additional work surface with burner covers. You can either purchase them online or in-store or find one of the numerous DIY tutorials and turn it into a fun project!


11. Dishes, Anyone?

Even if your small kitchen space has a dishwasher, you will inevitably need to hand-wash some items. But who wants to take up valuable counter real-estate with a clunky, not very attractive dish-drying rack? Not us! Your drying rack doesn’t need to sit out constantly when you can opt for a rack to fold up easily and quickly and tuck under the sink when not in use. So save the space for cooking and whip out that dish rack for cleaning!


12. Well, Hello Empty Wall

Who doesn’t love the esthetic appeal of a perfectly placed, vibrant fruit bowl? Unfortunately, while they can be beautiful to look at, they take up a lot of valuable counter space. Another way to store your fruit and still have it looking tasty is by hanging an off-the-counter produce basket! You will need 1-2 feet of wall space, a cute metal basket, and some nails to create this beautiful, yummy, space-saving hack. 


13. Time for a Remodel?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the flow of your kitchen space just isn’t working for you anymore (or maybe it never has). If you find yourself attempting all the space creating hacks and still feeling frustrated, it might be time to remodel and rearrange your kitchen space. While starting from scratch can be exciting, we realize that it can also be daunting. So check out our inspiration gallery to get the creative juices flowing! Expertly made and placed cabinets can increase any small kitchen space, and we have some top-quality designs to fit all of your needs. 

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Published: February 7, 2022
Author: Top-Level Cabinetry
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