August 26, 2021
The best kitchen themes to fit your personal style

Finding the perfect style to fit your unique personality can prove to be easier said than done. Especially when it comes to renovating your kitchen space, picking out the right kind of décor, layout, and countertops can really make or break your kitchen design journey. We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful and inspiring kitchen styles out there to help you figure out exactly what kind of kitchen style you’re looking for.

1.      Traditional

2.      Modern/Contemporary

3.      Glam

4.      Country/Southern  

5.      Bohemian


Traditions are the roots that tie many families together, across various cultures; so too the traditional kitchen design has been a family favorite for several years, as they’re known to give off that perfect homey feeling many people love to have in a kitchen. The classic and timeless layout usually features a big kitchen space complete with an island, and gives off a clean, comforting, and inviting feel.

It keeps to a neutral color pallet mixing whites, browns, and woods, and the kitchen cabinets boast detailing like panel or glass doors. As far as appliances go, stainless steel is the top choice, as it keeps with the clean look of this style. 


When aiming for a more modern or contemporary kitchen, there are some key elements to this design that set it apart from many other styles out there. Within a more modern kitchen, you’re going to get some futuristic vibes, as the sleekly sophisticated design requires clean-cut edges and shapes.

Minimalism reigns supreme within this style, keeping décor to a sophisticated minimum. The décor itself tends to be more artistic than practical or homey, and the overall design comes off bold and sleek. Beautiful, bare, polished countertops are displayed, and the clutter and adornment are again kept to a minimum. 

A neutral color pallet is also favored in this design, with small pops of tasteful color, for an artistic appeal. Most of the elements within this design are going to be very high quality and include exotic materials, giving off a luxurious and expensive feel. You would also find most modern kitchen to include the latest technology, with motion sensors and voice command items.


If you’ve ever wanted to have a chandelier in your kitchen, this style is for you! The “glam” kitchen style is perfect for anyone craving a more upscale and elegant feel for their kitchen. The color pallet for this kitchen will definitely feature some bright whites, mixed with marble and darker tones accented in certain features, like a kitchen island, a stove hood range, or a backsplash.

Marble accent pieces, and shiny, sparkly décor will be found sprinkled throughout the kitchen to give off that luxurious vibe. Stainless steel appliances will grace the space, adding to the chic and fancy feel.


The countryside is renowned for many reasons – the big open spaces, the iced tea, the undeniable southern charm, as well as the kitchen design. The country kitchen design features a southwest vibe, complete with distressed décor and a more rustic feel. It’s the kind of kitchen you would see in a ranch house and has natural and wood elements outlining the entire space.

You’ll find more of a traditional layout, albeit a few differences in certain features, like a big, farmhouse sink, with a comfortable, earthy appeal. Unlike the some of the other styles, this design is full of personal detailing and touches, complete with a vintage flair.


The bohemian kitchen style was a result of more of a comfortable twist to minimalism. Instead of taking minimalism to the full force, which can sometimes result in a less personalized feel, the bohemian style added wood accents, woven décor, and a relaxing, airy atmosphere to the kitchen. It goes off of a comfortable, modern hippy vibe, making you feel at peace and relaxed. Most bohemian style kitchens will also have a good amount of natural light to brighten out the space, and stylistic choices like open shelving and greenery are added throughout.


The best part about different kitchen styles is that you can easily use décor to spice up your space to give off whatever kind of feel you’d like, whether a more traditional look, a modern twist, a sparkly glam, or a comfortable southern vibe. The options are endless when it comes to designing a kitchen to fit your personality and find the right style for you.

Which of these styles was your favorite? Let us know down below!

Published: August 26, 2021
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